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WHY? Why would you by a reconditioned hot tub? Let’s first define what we are talking about. A used hot tub is just that. It has been used by someone for a period of time. That period of time and the conditions under which it was used and by whom are pretty much unknown regardless of what the seller tells you. You don’t know what the condition of the unit is and what the life expectancy is. A reconditioned hot tub removes those unknowns. Therefore, you can purchase a hot tub that was previously owned without the worries and at a much lower price. This could be attractive if you are not sure how much you might use it, or if you just need a hot tub for a short period of time, or if you just don’t feel like spending a lot but want a nice hot tub.

WHERE? Where do reconditioned hot tubs come from? I acquire these hot tubs from many sources. I get some from hot tub manufactures in the form of “blems” or “seconds”. Mostly I take them as trades toward new hot tubs. Sometimes I buy them back because the owner no longer uses it or is moving etc. Occasionally there is a repossession. So, there are several sources for me to acquire used hot tubs.

Used Hot Tubs

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WHAT? What is a reconditioned hot tub? A reconditioned hot tub goes through a process. First it is taken apart to whatever extent is necessary to remove any dirt, debris or broken or worn parts. Then it is elevated and water tested. It is elevated so we can check for any leaks or weak structural components. Then there are a series of tests on the equipment, jets, pumps etc. The hot tub is drained again and any malfunctioning parts are replaced. The unit is refilled again to make sure the new components and repairs are working properly. This part of the process may be repeated as many times as necessary. Next the filters, headrests (if any), and cover are removed and the water is extensively shocked and sanitized with chlorine and algaecide. The unit runs for at least 24 hours to complete the sanitizing process and to insure the heater heats to the right temp and in a timely manner. Finally, the hot tub is drained, detailed and cleaned with disinfectant. A new filter is installed and the cabinet or surround is adjusted and restored to as near original condition as possible. Sounds simple but this process can take days but it is performed on every reconditioned unit we sell.

WHEN? When can you get one? As soon as you come to our warehouse and select one. We have several in stock and the inventory changes daily but there is always a good selection of reconditioned, blems and seconds available for immediate delivery.

Reconditioned hot tubs are a viable product and it makes perfect sense in many situations. I don’t sell used hot tubs. I sell reconditioned hot tubs that are inspected and service by trained experienced spa technicians. We back our work with our warranty and our reputation. Our record with the Eastern Missouri District Better Business Bureau is excellent and I can offer many references.
Thanks for looking.

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